Breast augmentation at Difine in Essen

Information on breast implant surgery

Type of surgeryInpatient
Duration of surgery60 - 90 min.
AnaesthesiaGeneral anaesthesia
Dressing2 weeks of bandages, 6 weeks of support bra
Clinic visit type1 night in inpatient care
Patient aftercareArm movement after 2–3 days, massages after 2nd week
Bed restNo
Recovery time1-2 weeks
Physical recoveryBeginning at 4 weeks
Aftercare from surgeonSuture removal not necessary, scar aftercare following removal of clamp bandage after approximately 4 weeks
Return to workAfter 1–2 weeks

You will need to wear a special bra – custom-fitted to you – for about 6 weeks. We recommend not purchasing a new bra until after 6 weeks post-surgery.

Videos about breast augmentation

Body, Plastische Chirurgie Essen, Schönheitschirurgie Difine, Dr. Mustafa Narwan
Joy-Programm, Plastische Chirurgie Essen, Schönheitschirurgie Difine, Dr. Mustafa Narwan

Do you prefer post-enlargement breasts that look as natural as possible? Perfect, so do we! If you’re simply looking for a slight increase in bust size because you dislike the shape or size of your breasts, then we recommend breast augmentation using implants. The same is true for inherited asymmetrical breasts or sagging/shrunken breasts following pregnancy or nursing that need to be brought back to a more aesthetically pleasing state. Here at Difine, it is important to us that your breasts suit you and your proportions after the surgery, and preferably in a natural (not oversized) way.

Breast augmentation with JOY™ by Motiva®

Brustvergrößerung mit JOY™ von Motiva®

With the Motiva® JOY™ program, we offer our patients a comprehensive package for breast augmentation with implants. In addition to extensive guarantees and the use of innovative, high-quality breast implants, you have the option of reversing your decision after the procedure. In this case, the costs of the explantation will be covered proportionately. Learn more about the JOY™ program.

Your Specialist for breast augmentation

Dr. med. M. Narwan, Facharzt für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie, Difine Essen

Dr. med. Narwan

Medical Specialist for Plastic and Aesthetical Surgery

Frequently asked questions about breast augmentation in Essen

What is important to note before and after breast augmentation with implants?

Before breast augmentation, the breast should be examined and palpated. If there are any concerning findings, a gynaecological examination should be arranged. Before the operation, you should not take any blood-thinning medication such as aspirin.

After the breast augmentation, you will receive a support bra to wear for approximately 4–6 weeks. During this time, you should avoid strenuous physical labour or lifting heavy objects.

How will the scars heal after a breast augmentation?

The typical access points for breast augmentation with implants are through the inframammary line, the nipple or the armpit. Incision made along the inframammary line or armpit are approximately 5 cm long. Our specialist usually prefers to make the incision at the inframammary line or the nipple. The wounds will heal in about 14 days. Afterwards, you should care for the scar with a lubricating cream or silicone balm. To ensure that scars are as invisible as possible, our specialist recommends using sun protection on the scars for 6–12 months.

If the breast augmentation is done with the patient’s own fat, there are usually tiny scars at the locations where fat was removed and at the fat injection site, but these will be mostly healed by 10 days following the procedure.

How long do I have to stop exercising after a breast augmentation?

After breast surgery, you will receive a special bra to wear for approximately 4–6 weeks. During this time, you should avoid strenuous physical labour or lifting heavy objects. Gentle physical labour is allowed after about 2 weeks. In order to encourage as much fat as possible to heal in the breast after breast augmentation using the patient’s fat, you should make sure not to burn off any fat for about 3–6 months.

Is it possible to finance the breast augmentation or pay in instalments, or will my health insurance provider cover the costs?

Your health insurance provider will only cover the costs if there is a medical indication for the surgery. This is almost never the case for breast augmentation with implants.

The advantages of breast augmentation at Difine:

Patientenemfpang, Plastische Chirurgie Essen, Schönheitschirurgie Difine, Dr. Mustafa Narwan
  • Specialised in cosmetic breast surgery
  • Our specialist is an expert in several different modern methods of breast augmentation and will adapt the best method to suit your individual characteristics and preferences
  • Immense expertise in this area thanks to comprehensive training with internationally renowned breast surgeons
  • Always up-to-date thanks to frequent participation in advanced training programmes
  • Maximum safety and security in our private clinic; 24-hour care.
  • From the initial examination to the final one, all tests and aftercare are done by our medical specialist

Member of international societies

Results of breast augmentation:

Breast augmentation with implants


Silikonimplantate Brust, Plastische Chirurgie Essen, Schönheitschirurgie Difine, Dr. Mustafa Narwan

Round or teardrop?

We’ll choose the perfect implant for you during a comprehensive consultation that incorporates your preferences

For breast augmentation with implants, our specialist will gain access either through the inframammary line (under the breasts) or through the areola, where a scar will be virtually invisible once healed. In general, the implant can be placed either above or below the pectoral muscle. This lets our specialist avoid contact with nerves or blood vessels. At DIFINE, we exclusively use top-quality, leak-proof silicone gel implants from reputable German and American manufacturers.

If a breast lift is to be carried out during the same operation, our specialist usually inserts the implant through the areola, assuming the latter is large enough to allow the breast implant to be placed properly. Once healed, the areolar scar is usually barely noticeable. A potential negative effect on sensation in the nipple cannot be completely excluded.

Facts about breast augmentation

Video about implant sizes

Implantatgrößen, Plastische Chirurgie Essen, Schönheitschirurgie Difine, Dr. Mustafa Narwan

Video about elasticity of implants

Elastizität Implantate, Plastische Chirurgie Essen, Schönheitschirurgie Difine, Dr. Mustafa Narwan

Video about implant shapes

Implantatformen, Plastische Chirurgie Essen, Schönheitschirurgie Difine, Dr. Mustafa Narwan

Video about cohesiveness of implants

Kohäsivität Implantate, Plastische Chirurgie Essen, Schönheitschirurgie Difine, Dr. Mustafa Narwan

Hybrid breast augmentation in Essen

Information on hybrid breast augmentation

Type of operationOutpatient or inpatient
OP durationapprox. 180min.
Anestheticgeneral anesthetic
Bandage6 week support bra
Hospital stay1 night inpatient
Behaviorlimit arm movement after 2-3 days, massage from the 2nd week
Bed restno
Recovery time1-2 weeks
Resiliencebegins after 4 weeks
Aftercarescar care after removing the adhesive plaster in approx. 3 weeks, massage in after 1-2 weeks without pressure
Ability to workafter 1 week
Resultlong lasting

Is your top priority preserving the natural appearance of the breasts when undergoing a breast augmentation? Then hybrid breast augmentation could be the right thing for you. In this case Dr. Narwan uses ergonomic implants in combination with fat from your own body. With that Dr. Narwan creates a well and natural shaped breast. As a positive side effect, small problem areas on other parts of the body can be corrected by liposuction.

Frequently asked questions about hybrid breast augmentation in Essen

Is the risk of hybrid breast augmentation greater than regular breast augmentation?

No, because these are comparable to the risks of breast augmentation with implants or own fat.

Who is the right candidate for a hybrid breast augmentation?

This method is suitable for patients who want a natural felling and an increase in breast volume. Since the implant can quickly become noticeable in slim women, hybrid breast augmentation is the optimal solution to minimize this risk. Body fat that is inserted around the implants is not required in enormous amounts and can therefore be transferred to slimmer body types.

What should you consider before hybrid breast augmentation?

Before the operation, you should reduce the consumption of nicotine and alcohol to a minimum. In addition, no blood-thinning medication should be taken for at least ten days before the procedure. In the consultation you will also receive all the important information about the operation and Dr. Narwan will answer all questions.

What should be considered after hybrid breast augmentation?

After the operation, you should sleep on your back for the first few weeks to minimize the risk of implant displacement. You should also elevate your upper body so that the breasts can reduce swelling and the wounds can heal better. It is also necessary to wear the compression bra continuously for 6 weeks. Sports and sauna visits are possible 6 weeks after the operation. You should also refrain from smoking for 6 weeks after the procedure.

What are the risks of hybrid breast augmentation?

When inserting implants in the breast, there is always a risk of capsular contracture. In addition, displacement and wrinkling are possible. However, since smaller implants can generally be used for hybrid breast augmentation, as body fat acts as an additional volume donor, these risks can be kept as low as possible.

Benefits of hybrid breast augmentation in Düsseldorf and Essen with Dr. Narwan:

Patientenemfpang, Plastische Chirurgie Essen, Schönheitschirurgie Difine, Dr. Mustafa Narwan
  • The feeling of a natural breast with the desired volume.
  • Less weight.
  • Low risk of the so-called rippling phenomenon due to the body’s fat overlying the implant.
  • Simultaneous correction of problem areas on other parts of the body possible through liposuction.
  • With the help of your own fat, the contours of the breast can be individually adjusted.
  • By using the softer, finely textured, ergonomic implants instead of the coarser and harder implants, the risk of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) is reduced while still achieving a natural increase in breast volume.

Hybrid breast augmentation is a combination of ergonomic implants and natural fat. It allows you to achieve any breast volume and make it look and feel very natural. Since the choice between anatomical (teardrop-shaped) and round implants is often very difficult, Dr. Narwan uses so-called ergonomic implants from the manufacturer Motiva. That combine the advantages of both implant types. Because of to the soft and natural implant shape, they are very similar to natural breast tissue. The round basic shape of the ergonomic implants changes depending on the body position, i.e. similar to a natural breast. The hybrid breast augmentation consists of two parts.

First, the implants selected during the consultation are inserted using the so-called Keller Funnel (“no touch” technique). This is an insertion aid that inserts the implant gently and without touching other areas directly from the packaging into the breast in order to achieve the desired increase in volume. It implants are placed under or above the pectoral muscle through the submammary fold or areola using minimal scarring technique (the scar is only about 3 cm long).

Excess fat is then removed from the desired part of the body and injected into the breast around the implant. The fat covers the implant and thus prevents visible edges of the implant and prevents the breast from appearing too hard and unnatural. In addition, the result can be individually adapted to the patient.

Since the used fat is a tissue from the body, the feeling of the breast after hybrid breast augmentation is very natural. After healing, the scars are practically invisible because to the minimal scar technique of Dr. Narwan. To avoid long-term problems, such as capsular contracture, Dr. Narwan always has the highest hygienic standards.

Breast augmentation with the patient’s own fat

Information on breast surgery using the patient’s fat

Type of surgeryOutpatient or inpatient
Duration of surgery60 - 90 min.
AnaesthesiaGeneral anaesthesia
DressingLoosely fitting bra (no underwire) for 4 weeks
Clinic visit typeOutpatient or 1 night in inpatient care (depending on extent)
Patient aftercareAvoid compressing
Bed restNo
Recovery time Approximately 1 week
Physical recoveryAfter 1–2 weeks
Aftercare from surgeonNo-pressure massaging after 1–2 weeks
Return to workAfter 1–2 weeks
ResultApproximately 50% of the fat cells remain over the long term; additional placements may be necessary

Would you like a (somewhat) bigger bust, but prefer not use foreign materials such as implants? If approximately one cup size larger would be sufficient for you to feel much happier about your breasts, then a breast augmentation using your own fat may be the ideal method for you. If you are a patient with smaller breasts and enough fatty tissue in other areas of the body to provide about 500–600 ml of fat, then you’re even more well-suited for this procedure. It might even be a convenient perk for you if you’d already been wanting to lose that fat anyway!

Impressive advantages of breast augmentation with the patient’s own fat:

Patientenemfpang, Plastische Chirurgie Essen, Schönheitschirurgie Difine, Dr. Mustafa Narwan
  • The natural-looking result appears after about 3–5 months.
  • You don’t need to deal with the standard risks associated with breast augmentation such as capsular fibrosis, pain or implants slipping out of place.
  • Using the patient’s own fat is an excellent way of shaping a natural-looking breast.
  • Breasts that have already been operated upon can be corrected with the patient’s own fat.
  • Because the patient’s fat is a filler material produced by their body, it will not be rejected or cause any allergic reactions
  • Unsightly scars are practically impossible, as the only incisions are miniature (about 3–4 millimetres long).
  • The areas from which fat will be taken become slimmer (thigh, buttocks, stomach).

Lipofilling has been practiced in cosmetic surgery for decades now. Since the technique was first introduced, however, significant developments have been made in preparing the living fat cells and injecting them into the breast tissue in minuscule particles. Breast augmentation using the patient’s own fat can be carried out as an inpatient or outpatient procedure here at DIFINE. For outpatient treatment, you can go home after only a few hours.

Usually, a breast enlarged with your fat will lose about 30% of its volume within the first 2–3 months, as 1/3 of the fat tissue cannot anchor itself to a vessel supplied with blood in order to continue to receive nutrients. For an optimal result, a second operation may be necessary after about 3 months.

Your body fat is a product of your body, and acts like it. In other words, when you gain weight, the fat cells also gain volume. And when you lose weight, the fat cells lose volume as well. If you desire a certain bust size but do not have enough fat deposits, then either multiple rounds of fat injection may necessary, or else a breast augmentation with implants.

Costs for a breast augmentation

Each and every patient is unique because of their pre-existing breast anatomy and their individual desires. Dr Narwan adapts every surgical method to suit their needs. This is why we cannot state flat-rate prices for our treatments. The precise costs are calculated in a personal consultation following a physical examination.


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