Abdomino­plasty at Difine in Essen

Information on abdominoplasty

Duration of surgery3 to 4 hours
AnaesthesiaLocal or general anaesthesia
Clinic visit type1–2 nights
Check-up/aftercareCompression corset for approximately 4 weeks
Suture removalAfter about 14 days
Return to workAfter 10 days
Physical recoveryAfter 4 weeks

Are you excited about losing all those extra pounds? Yet have been left with slack, saggy skin? Or perhaps this extra skin is an unpleasant reminder of a pregnancy (or more than one). Or perhaps you simply have weak connective tissue, and as you age it has led to more and more excess skin and fatty tissue? In any of these cases, you don’t need to be frustrated or embarrassed any more. A skin lift for your stomach, upper arms or thighs can help! And sometimes it can follow liposuction for an even more beautiful result.

Your Specialist for abdominoplasty

Dr. med. M. Narwan, Facharzt für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie, Difine Essen

Dr. med. Narwan

Medical Specialist for Plastic and Aesthetical Surgery

Frequently asked questions about abdominoplasty in Essen

What is important to keep in mind before and after getting an abdominoplasty?

Before the abdominoplasty , you should not smoke for at least 2 weeks. Your abdominal musculature should be examined for stability. If there is any suspicion of an umbilical or incisional hernia, further examinations of the stomach, such as an ultrasound or CT scan, should be done.

After the abdominoplasty, you should not smoke again until you have completely healed. After the abdominoplasty, you should wear a corset for approximately 4–6 weeks. During this time, you should avoid lifting heavy objects. After the wound has healed, you should regularly care for the scar with a lubricating cream or cream containing silicone. Our specialist recommends using sun protection on the scar for 6–12 months.

Will I experience pain after an abdominoplasty?

You will experience pain after an abdominoplasty. However, it can be managed using pain medication. The pain will diminish over the course of the first week. We will provide you with enough pain medication to relieve any pain.

How long should I wait after a pregnancy before getting an abdominoplasty?

After pregnancy, you should first wait until your abdominal muscles have settled into their final state. We also recommend weaning your baby before the operation.

What does it mean that ‘the navel’ will be relocated during the abdominoplasty?

In a complete abdominoplasty, excess skin is removed in the shape of spindle from the pubic mound to above the navel. In this case, it is necessary to cut through the navel and pull it up to the level of your natural waist through the abdominal wall, then resewn in the new location.

How long will I be unable to work after getting an abdominoplasty?

After the abdominoplasty, you should avoid lifting heavy objects for about 4–6 weeks. Gentle work and administrative activities are usually possible after 2 weeks.

How long should I refrain from sport after the abdominoplasty?

You can begin gradually returning to sport after about 6 weeks. However, you should continue to avoid overstretching or overexerting your abdomen.

Will my health insurance provider cover the cost of the abdominoplasty, or can I arrange a financing plan?

Health insurance providers will only cover the cost if it is considered medically necessary for your condition. This is very rare in the case of excess abdominal skin following a pregnancy; your health insurance provider will review it on a case-by-case basis depending on severity.

You can make an arrangement to pay for your cosmetic treatment in monthly instalments with many different banks or financing partners. We recommend exploring different options from your own bank or financing partner such as Medipay or Medkred well in advance. Financing is usually only possible if you reside in Germany, are employed or have an employed guarantor, are a pensioner with a regular income and have no negative entries on your SCHUFA credit report. We’re happy to discuss this topic with you in a personal consultation.

The advantages of abdominoplasty at Difine

Patientenempfang, Plastische Chirurgie Essen, Schönheitschirurgie Difine, Dr. Mustafa Narwan
  • Specialised in surgical body contouring
  • Many years of experience; several hundred successful lift procedures
  • Our specialist is an expert in several different modern methods of lift procedures and will adapt the best method to suit your individual characteristics and preferences
  • Immense expertise in this area thanks to comprehensive training with internationally renowned plastic surgeons
  • Always up-to-date thanks to frequent participation in advanced training programmes

Member of international societies

Abdominoplasty methods

There are several different methods of abdominoplasty:

  • Partial abdominoplasty
    In a ‘mini’ abdominoplasty, excess skin is removed in the shape of spindle from the pubic mound to below the navel. The navel itself is not displaced. Our specialist places the scar in such a way that it is covered by undergarments. This surgical method is the right choice for people whose excess skin and fat in the lower abdomen is slightly or moderately pronounced.
  • Complete abdominoplasty
    In this method, our specialist removes the excess section of skin and fat from the pubic mound to above the navel. The navel is split in half and pulled up to the level of your natural waist through the abdominal wall, then resewn in the new location. The entire abdominal wall is opened up to the bottom of your ribs and pulled downwards. The resulting scar runs along the lower abdomen and around the navel. The surgeon will place the scar in such a way that it is completely covered by undergarments. This method is performed when the patient has a very pronounced ‘apron’ of skin and fat.
High Definition Bodysculpture, Plastische Chirurgie Essen, Schönheitschirurgie Difine, Dr. Mustafa Narwan

Costs for abdominoplasty

Each and every patient is unique because of their pre-existing anatomy and their individual desires. Dr Narwan adapts every surgical method for abdominoplasty to suit your needs. It depends on what type of lift will be performed and whether additional liposuction will be necessary. This is why we cannot state flat-rate prices for our treatments. The precise costs are calculated in a personal consultation following a physical examination.


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