Vampire lift (PRP) – the best proof that beauty comes from within

The name may sound gruesome, but a vampire lift is a gentle, minimally invasive anti-aging treatment that acquired its name due to its therapeutic use of the patient’s own (autologous) blood.

Using your own blood to improve your complexion

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The specialist terminology is ‘vampire lift PRP’ (PRP = platelet rich plasma). The innovative method promotes the tissue’s natural repair mechanism, triggering the breakdown of UV-damaged components. At the same time, it stimulates the body’s production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Collagen especially is very important – it forms a sort of ‘scaffolding’ that helps your skin become more elastic. Collagen fibres also store large quantities of water, thus contributing greatly to your skin’s fullness.

As many examples from our clinic show, a vampire lift (PRP) can lead to great results in the areas of skin rejuvenation, pore tightening, acne scar treatment and dark circles around the eyes. It can also stimulate hair growth.

Your Specialist for Vampire lifts

Dr. med. M. Narwan, Facharzt für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie, Difine Essen

Dr. med. Narwan

Medical Specialist for Plastic and Aesthetical Surgery

Do you have any questions about facial treatments using your own blood?

How much blood is drawn?

This depends on the size of the area to be treated and how much plasma can be separated out of your blood. Usually, around 15 ml of blood is drawn for each treatment.

What are the risks of PRP treatment?

As with any treatment, there are some common risks. Because we use the body’s own substances, the risks are very low. Skin irritation or temporary small bruises may occur at the injection sites.

How many repeat treatments are necessary?

In order to see an effect, we recommend 2–3 treatments, spaced 1 month apart, for the initial phase. After that, yearly touch-ups may be necessary.

How does PRP counteract hair loss?

In the early stages of hair loss, the roots of the hair are still present, but simply inactive. The plasma cells have regenerative properties and reactivates the roots so that they begin producing hair again.

Can a vampire lift be combined with another treatment?

Yes, the vampire lift can be easily combined with other treatments. One example is microneedling. The synergy created by the two different treatment methods may be able to achieve even better results.

The impressive advantages of a vampire lift:

Patientenemfpang, Plastische Chirurgie Essen, Schönheitschirurgie Difine, Dr. Mustafa Narwan
  • Due to the autologous quality of the treatment, no foreign substances ever enter the body.
  • The injected blood plasma is accepted by the body without issue; there is no chance of allergic reaction.
  • The vampire lift is nearly painless and leaves no scarring. Any pain you may feel will also be significantly reduced thanks to an anaesthetic cream applied in advance.
  • We perform the vampire lift in our outpatient DIFINE clinic in Essen; it takes about 30 minutes.
  • The PRP method can also be combined with others, such as hyaluronic fillers that simultaneously give your skin moisture and volume.
  • After just a few days, there will be no evidence of the treatment on your face, and you can resume your normal life.
  • After the treatment, your skin will become smoother, fresher and fuller day by day.
  • Usually, all that is needed are 2–3 treatments, spaced about 4 weeks apart, depending on your age and skin quality.
  • After 2–3 months, the optimum result will emerge. This will last for 1–2 years, although regular touch-up treatments will keep your skin constantly looking younger and more revitalised.
  • A vampire plasma lift also has a powerful preventative effect – it stops connective tissue weakness, the skin’s ageing process and wrinkles from occurring and slows the overall ageing process.

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What to expect from a vampire lift

To carry out a vampire lift (PRP), we need a small amount of your blood. We will then put this through a centrifuge to produce highly concentrated blood plasma in the form of a platelet-rich concentrate. This plasma contains a high concentration of growth factors – specifically, 8 times more platelets than in normal blood. Our specialist then injects tiny amounts of this blood serum under the skin of your face. It has a natural filling effect on wrinkles of all sizes. The numerous growth factors trigger your body’s repair mechanism and result in the formation of new cells, collagen, natural hyaluronic acid and elastin, as well as new, very fine blood vessels.

The vampire lift (PRP) is a rejuvenation powerhouse. Just about every Difine patient has loved their skin afterwards, with its increased fullness and elasticity; fresher, younger, rosier complexion; and softer contours and fewer wrinkles.


Vampire-Lifiting, Plastische Chirurgie Essen, Schönheitschirurgie Difine, Dr. Mustafa Narwan

In the vampire lift – PRP procedure, a centrifuge separate the plasma from the red blood cells


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