Breast reduction at Difine in Essen

Information on a breast reduction surgery

Type of surgeryInpatient
Duration of surgeryApproximately 2–3 hours
AnaesthesiaGeneral anaesthesia
DressingBandage for 2 days, support bra for 6 weeks
Clinic visit typeInpatient stay for 1–2 nights
Patient aftercareScar aftercare after wound has healed
Bed restNo
Recovery timeApproximately 2 weeks
Physical recoveryAfter about 3–4 weeks
Aftercare from surgeonSuture removal not necessary
Return to workAfter about 2–3 weeks

Do you find your breasts are (too) big or heavy, or impediments to exercise? Or do you suffer from psychological or physical problems such as posture issues like shoulder or back pain? Then it’s high time for you to consider a breast reduction, which – in contrast to other procedures – is often a good choice for younger patients.

Because for women and girls with very large breasts or inherited asymmetry, a breast reduction can be a decisive step on the path to improved personal wellbeing and a – in the most literal sense of the word – lighter life.

Your Specialist for breast reduction

Dr. med. M. Narwan, Facharzt für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie, Difine Essen

Dr. med. Narwan

Medical Specialist for Plastic and Aesthetical Surgery

in Essen auf jameda

The advantages of breast reduction at Difine

  • Specialised in cosmetic breast surgery
  • Our specialist is an expert in several different modern methods of breast reduction and will adapt the best method to suit your individual characteristics and preferences
  • Immense expertise in this area thanks to comprehensive training with internationally renowned breast surgeons
  • Always up-to-date thanks to frequent participation in advanced training programmes

Member of international societies

Breast reduction methods

There are several different methods of performing a breast reduction resulting in precisely 3 types of scars:

  • O technique (e.g. Benelli method)
  • I technique (e.g. Lejour method)
  • T technique (e.g. Ströbeck or modified Hall Findlay method)

O technique (e.g. Benelli method)

In this method, our specialist cuts into the tissue around the nipple. The resulting scar will have an ‘O’ shape and circle the nipple. Dr Narwan primarily uses this technique for medium-oversized breasts; it reduces breast volume equally in terms of projection and every quadrant.

I technique (e.g. Lejour method)

Our specialist uses this method when there is also excess tissue in the lower half of the breast needing removal. At the same time, Dr Narwan shapes the gland tissue under the skin and redistribute the volume upwards in order to create more volume in the upper half of the breast. The resulting scar runs around the nipple and straight down to the inframammary line in the shape of an ‘I’.

T technique (e.g. Ströbeck or modified Hall Findlay method)

If the breast is weighted heavily to one side or if too much excess skin in the lower half of the breast results from the I technique, then our specialist uses this surgical technique. Dr Narwan shapes the gland tissue under the skin and redistribute the volume upwards in order to create more volume in the upper half of the breast. The resulting scar runs around the nipple and straight down to, and into, the inframammary line. When viewed from above, the scar has a ‘T’ shape.

The epidermis, as well as the mammary glands and fat tissue, is reduced under general anaesthesia during a breast reduction. The nipple is reposition farther up. Then the breast is shaped into the desired form. One scar usually runs around the areola, and another in a straight line down to the inframammary line. It depends on which surgical method is chosen. There are three different scar shapes in total: 1. Only around the nipple – 2. Around the nipple and then straight down to the inframammary line (I incision) – 3. In addition to the I incision, another scar along the inframammary line (reverse T incision). We recommend an inpatient stay at the Difine Clinic of about 1–2 days.

Frequently asked questions about breast reduction in Essen

What is important to keep in mind before and after getting a breast reduction?

Before getting a breast reduction syou should have your blood analysed. If you take any blood-thinning medications, you should stop taking them or switch to another medication – but only under medical supervision. We also recommend a gynaecological examination and (if applicable) ultrasound or mammography.

After getting a breast reduction, you should wear a special compression bra for about 6 weeks. The suture material we use is self-dissolving and does not need to be removed. You do need to plan a few days’ break from work/daily life after the operation and expect to attend regular check-ups of the wound over the first 4–6 weeks. You also should not do any sports like jogging or tennis for the first 4–6 weeks.

How large are the scars after a breast reduction, and where are they located?

It depends on which surgical method is chosen. The scar will either circle the nipple (O technique), or both circle the nipple and extend downwards in a straight line to the inframammary line (I technique). In some cases, there will be an additional scar along the inframammary line (T technique). Afterwards, you should care for the scar with a lubricating cream or cream containing silicone. Protect your breasts from the sun for 6–12 months. If the scar heals well, it will fade over time until nearly invisible.

Is it possible to breastfeed after a breast reduction?

If you were able to breastfeed before the operation, then you can assume that you will also be able to do so after the breast reduction. In very rare cases, your ability to breastfeed may be negatively impacted after the operation.

What bust size can be achieved with a breast reduction?

In principle, nearly any bust size is possible, as long as the blood flow to the nipple is not impeded. The important thing is that it suits your preferences and body.

If I get a breast reduction, will my nipple also be reduced in size?

In most cases, the nipple will be reduced to a diameter of approximately 4 cm – this is standard for the procedure.

Will I experience pain after a breast reduction?

A breast reduction is an invasive procedure, which is accompanied by post-operative pain. However, you will receive sufficient pain medication during the initial phase following the breast reduction. This medication should alleviate any pain you might feel.

How long will I be unable to work after getting a breast reduction?

That depends on the extent of the operation. Usually, you will be able to work again after 1–2 weeks.

Is it possible to finance the breast reduction or pay in instalments?

You can make an arrangement to pay for your cosmetic treatment in monthly instalments with many different banks or financing partners. We recommend exploring different options from your own bank or financing partner such as Medipay or Medkred well in advance. Financing is usually only possible if you reside in Germany, are employed or have an employed guarantor, are a pensioner with a regular income and have no negative entries on your SCHUFA credit report. We’re happy to discuss this topic with you in a personal consultation.

Will my ability to feel sensation in my breast change following a breast reduction?

That depends on the extent of the operation. In rare cases, you may experience a temporary or permanent loss of sensitivity.

Costs for a breast reduction in Essen

Each and every patient is unique because of their pre-existing breast anatomy and their individual desires. Our specialist adapts every breast reduction surgery to suit your needs. This is why we cannot state flat-rate prices for our treatments. The precise costs are calculated in a personal consultation following a physical examination.

Dr. med. M. Narwan, Facharzt für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie, Difine Essen

The breast is inarguably the defining symbol of femininity. Our priority is always to create the most natural-looking breasts possible – ones that not only look beautiful, but also radically improve our patients’ sense of self-worth.

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