Gynaecomastia surgery at Difine in Essen

Information on chest sculpting for men

Type of surgeryOutpatient or inpatient
Duration of surgery60 -90 min.
AnaesthesiaGeneral anaesthesia
DressingCompression vest for 6 weeks
Clinic visit typeOutpatient or 1 night in inpatient care
Patient aftercareReturn to exercise after 4 weeks
Bed restNo
Recovery timeAfter about 2-3 weeks
Physical recoveryAfter 1-2 weeks
Aftercare from surgeonSuture removal not necessary, Scar aftercare after 2 weeks
Return to workAfter 1-2 weeks
Gynäkomastie, Plastische Chirurgie Essen, Schönheitschirurgie Difine, Dr. Mustafa Narwan

Through precise liposuction
to a male breast

What man would want breasts that look like a woman’s?

If you are someone who suffers from ‘gynaecomastia’, benign breast-like deposits of fat and mammary tissue on your chest, then we can definitely understand why you’d like to get rid of this visual flaw as soon as possible!

Rest assured that permanent chest sculpting is no longer a rarity for men.

Your Specialist for gynaecomastia surgery

Dr. med. M. Narwan, Facharzt für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie, Difine Essen

Dr. med. Narwan

Medical Specialist for Plastic and Aesthetical Surgery

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The advantages of gynaecomastia treatment at Difine

Our specialist is an expert in the innovative ultrasound-based VASER Lipo System. With this method, Dr Narwan removes fat and the mammary glands in a very gentle way. He can simultaneously use this method to sculpt the upper body into a more athletic form. In contrast to other methods, surrounding structures such as nerves, blood vessels and ligaments are not affected. Our specialist is one of the very few doctors in Germany to work with this method.

Gynaecomastia treatment methods

Dr Narwan extracts the excess fat from the chest region using the VASER Lipo method. This technique is very gentle, as it does not affect the surrounding nerves or blood vessels. If the mammary glands are also enlarged, then our specialist removes them through a small incision at the nipple. As a general rule, a scar in this area will heal wonderfully and become nearly invisible.

Frequently asked questions about gynaecomastia in Essen

Gynaecomastia in men – What do I need to keep in mind before getting treatment?

In most cases, there is no clear cause of enlarged breasts in men. In very rare cases, a hormonal imbalance or tumour can be the cause.

A clinical and, if necessary, ultrasound examination of the chest and testicles should be conducted. The patient’s hormonal status should also be examined in advance.

The excess fat is extracted. If the mammary glands are also enlarged, then our specialist removes them through a small incision at the nipple.

What do I need to keep in mind after getting the gynaecomastia surgery?

You will need to wear a compression vest for about 4–6 weeks following the gynaecomastia surgery. During this time, you should avoid lifting heavy objects. Gentle physical labour is allowed after 2 weeks. To achieve more definition, we even encourage upper-body exercise after healing. You should avoid major weight fluctuations.

How is true gynaecomastia recognised?

‘True gynaecomastia’ is a symptom of some other underlying condition. This could be a hormonal imbalance, a certain medication you take or a tumour. Before the surgery is performed, these causes must be ruled out.

Is the result of the gynaecomastia surgery permanent?

If the mammary gland is completely removed, then the result is permanent.

How long will I be unable to work after getting a gynaecomastia treatment?

You can return to office work after a few days following the surgery. Gentle physical labour is possible after about 2 weeks. Wait until after 4–6 weeks to resume strenuous physical labour.

How long do I need to refrain from exercise after the gynaecomastia treatment?

Gentle intense physical labour is allowed after 2 weeks. We even encourage upper-body exercise after about 6 weeks. This helps define the chest region more distinctly.

Will my health insurance provider cover the costs of the gynaecomastia surgery?

Your health insurance provider will only cover the costs if your disease and operation are considered medically necessary. You will need to submit an application to your provider. Our specialist will be happy to discuss this topic with you in a personal consultation and help you complete the application if there is a medical indication.

Costs of gynaecomastia surgery

Each and every patient is unique because of their pre-existing chest anatomy and their individual desires. Our specialist adapts every surgical method to suit their needs. In some cases, liposuction in the chest region is sufficient. In others, however, the mammary gland must also be removed. This is why we cannot state flat-rate prices for our treatments. The precise costs are calculated in a personal consultation following a physical examination.

Make an non-binding consultation appointment with our specialist and let him advise you as to whether chest sculpting with VASER Lipo could be a fast, comparably easy way for you to achieve a significantly more masculine chest. Dr Narwan will provide detailed explanations of every aspect of the gynaecomastia treatment process and the opportunities and risks that go along with it.

Dr. med. M. Narwan, Facharzt für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie, Difine Essen

These days, no man has to live with feminine breasts! Especially because a masculine chest can play a major role in creating a healthy sense of self-confidence.

Dr. M. Narwan


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